Wednesday, April 8, 2009

A List of Things Stolen From Me in Europe

1. my digital camera
2. my blackberry
3. my inhibitions
4. my cigarettes
5. my desire to come home
6. any tendency to be academic
7. my heart
8. my aversion to gray skies
9. my naïvité
10. my heart, my heart, my heart


  1. I stole your privacy.

  2. and I drank all your milk =D

  3. There’s something inside me.
    I’m not really sure about it.
    It could be anything, but nothing.
    I know that we tend to exaggerate,
    but I’m quite sure that this time
    I found something different,
    at least different from the rest
    of what my restless life had respired
    before. If, at least, I could remember
    something that happened before.

    There’s no one else, but you
    and there’s no you, but me,
    not me, but someone else…
    Who could say it surely???